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How to make extra money from home doing what you already do

You probably socially network, and if you're into it, you facebook, tweet, and post on other sites daily. You've got people viewing your page each day and this is what gives it value. You are making money for advertisers, site owners, ect., so therefore your social networking is worth something!

Earning money online from your social networks can be done by placing ads, selling products or services, or through referrals. Referrals are programs that reward people for sharing and inviting others to try a product or service. Cash crate and Inbox Dollars are two free get paid to sites that have competitive referral programs as well as many other ways to make money on the side.

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Cash crate's referral program pays 20% of earnings for all primary referrals, and 10% for secondary referrals (people referred by primary referrals). Get a special referral bonus for each member. Not to mention the percentage earned increases to 30% of primary & 20% of secondary based on number referrals!

Inbox Dollars' referral program pays 10% of earnings for all primary referrals.

Get rewarded by telling friends and followers about how they can get paid for surveys, get paid to read emails, watching videos, blogging, and playing games.

Want to learn more, check out the FAQ or current content check out our Recent posts.
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Personal testimony from a struggling college student

While I was in college I was constantly broke and desperately searching for any way to make extra money from home. Like any smart person I googled "ways to make money on the side." I found several websites where I could get paid for surveys, get paid to participate in free sample offers, as well as get paid to read emails and watch videos. 

I wasn't sure which or if these websites were even legit so I tried out a coupleAfter evaluating my experiences I focused on the companies with the best opportunities that still offered fun surveys so that it didn't feel like work. I based my decisions on two simple catagories; what I had to invest (time, effort, ect.) and what i got in return (money, products, ect.). 

I stuck with Cash Crate & Inbox Dollars because they work with a wider variety of business research, marketing, and analytics panels to maintain competitive pricing while aggregating your earnings to one account. Besides being able to get paid for surveys, you can get paid to watch videos, read emails, playing games, and complete offers, making it easy to reach the payout limit. For example I completed a trivia quiz about television (I didn't do very good) and registered to receive a free dessert cookbook and a marvel comic book and earned extra money while doing it. When I got my first check I felt happy and accomplished!

Don't just take my word for it, check out Cash Crate's payment wall and see thousands of other people earning extra money from home. Inbox Dollars has payed out over $25 million since 2005 and has a public feedback section, as well as videos of payment proof.

Want to learn more, check out the FAQ or current content check out our Recent posts.
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Affiliate Programs

Aside from the potential to get paid for surveys, Cash Crate and
Inbox Dollars offer affiliate programs that reward you for sharing and inviting others to get paid to read emails, complete offers, watch videos, and shop!

Cash crate rewards you with up to 30% of earnings from primary referrals and 20% from secondary referrals at the elite tier. Base members start at 20% of primary and 10% of secondary referrals' earnings.

Inviting friends and followers has extra benefits because of affiliate bonuses!
  • Get $3.00 when your referral earns their first $10.00
  • Option to get $1.00 for every active referral you get instead of $3.00 when your referrals earn their first $10
  • Get paid on the 1st instead of the 15th, also direct deposit becomes available
Inbox Dollars rewards you with 10% of earnings from all referrals. While not as high of a percentage, having another source to get paid for surveys, get paid to read emails, watch videos, and play games means potentially better options for your friends and followers in the form of a fun survey or more money as a reward.

How do i get referrals?
This is where creativity pays off. Find friends, followers, and colleagues who would be interested in the ability to make extra money from home. Here's a few basic ideas:

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  • create a blog or website
  • reach thousands on social networks
  • people love images and videos
  • comment on online forums. put your link in your signature
  • flyers, posters, papers
  • be friendly, engaging, and persistent.
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What is cash crate and inbox dollars and how does they work?

Cash crate and Inbox dollars receive payment when their members complete offers, surveys, watch videos, read emails, or play games, and that money is passed on to the members. Companies are always paying people like you to try out their products or services!

How do i know this is not a scam?

Since the beginning in 2006, cash crate has paid out just about $4,000,000 USD to over 2 million members worldwide! Navigate to the payment wall, found under the "community" tab.

Check out the members feedback section of Inbox Dollars blog to find the testimony of tons of people about how they were able to make extra money on the side.

Are there any requirements to join?

Becoming a member of both companies is 100% free, the only requirement is that you are 13 years of age. Sign up requires you to setup an account an email address and password.

So what is the best way to start?

Do your homework about any survey panel you decide to join. Pick a company whose get paid to offers are interesting to you. If you like watching videos, playing games, reading emails then pick a survey company that offers that. 

Here are a few sites I've joined:

No credit card needed. No social security number required. Once you are a member you can get paid for surveys, get paid to read emails, watch videos, complete offers, play games, and more.

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

No credit card needed. No social security number required. Once you are a member you can get paid for surveys, watch videos, complete offers, play games, and more. 
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Make the most of your time online

After taking surveys for several years online I've learned a few things about how to maximize your earnings from paid surveys online. These tips are in no particular order but are lessons that will be useful:

  • Never pay to join a survey site. There are tons of legitimate, paying, survey panel companies that offer completely free services. You should be skeptical of any website asking for money upfront.

  • Make and/or use a separate email from your personal email for completing offers and surveys. This helps stay organized so that you can keep track of which websites you have registered with and which surveys you have completed while keeping your personal email organized. 

  • Different strategies may work best for each survey company/website so experiment when you aren't getting the results you desire. Be persistent and remember stick to what works for you.

  • Find survey panels that are interesting with fun surveys so that you don't lose your interest or your mind when taking them. There are several companies out there so shop around and find one that fits your interests.

  • Keep your demographic information updated and consistent so that you get qualified for new surveys as well as surveys that you may be interested in. Staying consistent ensures that you remain qualified throughout the survey and will help ensure completion. For example; there are a large amount of surveys about new Tablets and Smart Phones.

  • Read reviews about any survey or get paid to website you are considering. Before spending your valuable time learn about the survey panel you are thinking of participating in. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  • If taking surveys is not your thing that's okay! Many survey companies don't just offer paid surveys online, but they allow users to get paid to read emails, watch videos, complete sample offers, and give cashback for shopping. Shop around for the get paid to method that works for you when looking to ways to earn money on the side.
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